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Family Owned and Operated Since 1939

Walter Kenney portrait from the past

Founder Walter Kenney

W.T. Kenney Company was founded in 1939 by Walter Thomas Kenney with a single focus – cultivating loyal and long-term customers by providing excellent quality and service. That commitment, and the belief that valued employees are fundamental to the success of business, has been passed down through four generations. First to Walter’s three sons, Walter Jr., Allan and Ted. Upon Allan’s passing, his son, Tim, has been at the helm, working alongside his nephew, Brian Jurgens.

With a desire to focus more on the company’s growth and vision, as well as personal projects, Tim has stepped back from the day-to-day activities and Brian was named President in January 2023. He becomes the fourth generation to lead the company.

Tim and Brain in office lobby

Tim Kenney and Brian Jurgens

Our Clients

WT Kenney Truck outside factory building

The W.T. Kenney Truck, 1953

We believe that relationships are essential to our business. We are proud of the long-time loyal customers who have been an integral part of our success. We strive to build strong relationships with new customers every single day. Our clients are some of the area’s top general contractors, property management companies, academic institutions, and owner’s reps. Regardless of a project’s size or value, every job is an opportunity to create a new relationship.

The WTK Family

Walter Kenney believed that employees were his company’s most valuable asset, and we continue to operate under this belief. We consider our employees part of the WTK family.

We understand that our staff members have a unique perspective on our business and on the industry as a whole. They are encouraged to share their ideas and suggestions, and we collaborate as a team on common goals and projects. Our employees are encouraged to enhance their professional talents, knowledge, and personal growth, and they are trained extensively in OSHA safety, fall protection, lead and sensitivity training.

This strategy has been successful, as proven by how the company has survived and prospered in uncertain economic times, and most recently through the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic.

As we head into our 85th year in 2024, the values that Walter Kenney started with in 1939 remain very much a part of who we are. We continue to provide our clients with excellent service, knowledge, and talented and dedicated employees.

Three generations of owners at WT Kenney

Allan Kenney, Tim Kenney, and Brian Jurgens