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The Durability of Dry Erase Paint: Making Writable Surfaces Last

Are you tired of constantly replacing your office whiteboards due to wear and tear? Dry erase paint, a modern alternative to traditional chalkboard or marker board surfaces, has an impressive lifespan when cared for correctly. This blog will equip you with the knowledge on how to maximize the durability of dry   more»

Maintenance Tips to Extend the Lifespan of an Exterior Coating System

Many business owners are amazed when they discover how huge the demand for painting services is. In the United States alone, painters generate a market worth more than $40 billion each year. There are more than 410,000 people employed in the painting industry around the country.These numbers are a strong indicator of   more»

Boost Employee Productivity With a Fresh Coat of Commercial Office Painting

Getting the most out of your office makes it an excellent place for people to show up each day. Focusing on decoration and aesthetics can help your company's morale and even make your workplace more productive. It all starts with getting quality paint done inside of your office building.The field   more»

Transform Your Business with a Fresh Coat: The Power of Exterior Commercial Painting

If you manage a commercial property, you know that it takes a great deal of work to keep your building (or buildings) looking sharp. If you’re like most facility managers, you probably struggle to find enough time to take care of your building’s exterior appearance — not to mention, youprobably   more»