Premier Painting Services for the Hospitality Industry

Transform your hotel with our specialized painting services tailored for the hospitality industry. With over 85 years of experience, W.T. Kenney uses the finest finishes and top-quality products available. Our expert painting services refresh your hotel, enhancing its look and feel to create a welcoming atmosphere for guests. Trust our team to deliver exceptional results that meet the highest standards in the industry. 

The Vital Role of Painting in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry has unique needs when it comes to painting services. Hotels require fine finishes and durable materials that can withstand high amounts of traffic on a regular basis. 

In addition, color is particularly important when painting hotels. The right color palette can enhance mood, create a sense of space, and contribute to the overall guest experience. Thoughtful color choices can make guest rooms feel cozy, lobbies inviting, and dining areas vibrant. 

At W.T. Kenney, we know that a well-maintained parking garage and building exterior create a positive first impression on guests even before they enter the building. A clean, freshly painted exterior signals attention to detail and high standards, and an orderly parking garage enhances safety and convenience, setting the tone for a pleasant visit. Our exterior painting services make guests feel welcomed and valued from the start by reflecting quality and care. 

Our Comprehensive Painting Services

Upgrading your hotel with professional painting and wall coverings helps create a welcoming first impression for guests. Our hospitality industry painting services include interior and exterior painting, drywall repair, and parking garage painting. We use premium materials to deliver durable, attractive finishes. 

We offer the following painting services to the hospitality industry: 

Expert Painting for Exceptional Hotels & hospitality spaces

Elevate your guest experience and enhance the overall ambiance of your hospitality property with our expert painting services. Contact W.T. Kenney now to schedule a free consultation and discover how we can bring new life to your space.

Why W.T. Kenney is the Reliable Choice for the Hospitality Industry

Our experienced team at W.T. Kenney understands that attention to detail is paramount when designing and maintaining your hotel. Your guests’ first impressions begin well before they enter your lobby and continue as they make their way through your facility and amenities and into their suites. W.T. Kenney stands out as the preferred painting contractor in the hospitality industry for good reasons. 

Expertise in the Hospitality Industry

Our painting services are meticulous and designed with the highest quality in mind. Our painting contractors are highly trained at applying the highest-grade finishes and specialty coatings, and they skillfully prepare all surfaces to ensure paint adhesion and longevity.

Training and

As a trusted painting company that has been in service since 1939, W.T. Kenney has a wealth of expertise and experience. We focus on ongoing education to stay updated on industry advancements, safety regulations, and the newest paint products. This includes eco-friendly options and high-quality coatings. Our commitment to ongoing education enables our team members to provide informed recommendations to hotel clients.


Safety compliance is critical for painting contractors working in hotels to ensure the safety of guests, hotel staff, and their own team. Our team adheres to OSHA Standards and carefully stores paints, solvents, and other chemicals properly to prevent leaks, spills, and accidental exposure.

We are trusted by thousands of clients across various industries

First Impressions Matter: Ensure Your Hospitality Space Stands Out

Ensure your hospitality space stands out and leaves a positive, lasting impression on every guest with our high-quality services. Contact W.T. Kenney for top-rated painting services for the hospitality industry. Let us help you create a memorable experience for your guests.

Hospitality Industry (FAQs)

We understand that hotels need to maintain a welcoming and operational environment for their guests. To minimize disruption, we schedule our work during off-peak hours, such as overnight or during low-occupancy periods. We also use quick-drying, low-odor paints to ensure areas are ready for use as soon as possible. We collaborate with the hotel to create a plan that fits your needs and causes minimal disruption to your daily operations. We work closely with the hotel to ensure the plan meets your requirements. Our goal is to minimize any interruptions to your daily operations.

For high-traffic areas, we recommend using durable, high-quality paints that can withstand frequent cleaning and wear. Typically, we suggest using semi-gloss or satin finishes for these areas as they are more resistant to scuffs, stains, and moisture. Additionally, we offer specialty coatings designed for enhanced durability and ease of maintenance, ensuring the high-traffic areas in your hotel look fresh and appealing for longer periods. 

We ensure high-quality, long-lasting results by using premium-grade paints and materials specifically designed for commercial use. Our team thoroughly prepares all surfaces, addressing any imperfections to ensure optimal paint adhesion. We apply multiple coats as needed and use protective finishes to enhance durability. 

Additionally, our experienced painters follow meticulous application techniques to achieve a flawless finish. After project completion, we conduct a detailed inspection to ensure every aspect meets our stringent quality standards, providing you with a durable and aesthetically pleasing paint job that withstands the demands of a busy hotel environment. 

Safety is our top priority. We strictly adhere to OSHA standards and use proper personal protective equipment (PPE) for all our workers. We implement rigorous safety protocols, including secure storage of materials, and the use of non-toxic, low-VOC paints. 

Our team is trained in emergency procedures and conducts regular safety inspections to identify and mitigate potential hazards. We also coordinate with hotel management to ensure all safety measures align with hotel policies and guest safety requirements.