Our Team

Cindy Cruz-Murphy

Controller/Executive Board Member

Cindy joined our family in 2017.

Cindy manages the day-to-day finances for W.T. Kenney, as well as the administrative and human resources functions for the business. She has extensive experience managing businesses, finances, and people in many industries, including the legal, consulting, entertainment and retail industries. After working in management and accounting positions for a number of years in the corporate world, Cindy started her own retail gift boutique in 2004, followed by a café a couple of years later. The process of taking businesses from concept to reality, is where Cindy gained the most valuable business lessons, and where she really came to appreciate the role that finances, quick decision making, and knowing your customer play in the success of a business.

Cindy is originally from Cambridge, MA. After making Winthrop her own for more than 20 years, she used the 2020 lockdowns to plan her big move to New Hampshire, where she now lives happily with her husband Peter, four step children and their dog, Rocky.

What you may not know about Cindy is that she has a strange array of hobbies that include NASCAR, cake decorating, and target shooting.