Premier Industrial Painting Services

In the world of industrial operations, the durability, safety, and visual appeal of facilities are paramount. At W.T. Kenney, we understand that each of these aspects can significantly impact productivity, employee safety, and even the overall brand perception. That’s why our premier industrial painting services are designed to meet the rigorous demands of industrial environments, providing not just an aesthetic enhancement but a functional upgrade to your facilities.

Our Industrial Painting Services

W.T. Kenney offers a diverse range of industrial painting services designed to meet the unique demands of various industries. From initial consultation to final application, our team works closely with clients to provide customized solutions that ensure durability, safety, and aesthetic appeal. Whether it’s a large manufacturing facility or a small workshop, we adapt our approach to fit the specific needs of your project, leveraging our extensive experience and state-of-the-art technology to deliver unmatched quality and service.

Epoxy floor coatings are renowned for their robustness, providing a resilient barrier against wear, chemical spills, and heavy traffic. Ideal for warehouses, garages, and manufacturing plants, these coatings not only protect the flooring but also enhance safety with slip-resistant properties. 

The protection of steel structures with high-performance coatings is essential to prevent corrosion and structural wear. This service is critical for industrial spaces where the integrity of the steel is paramount for safety and longevity.

Electrostatic painting utilizes electrically charged particles to ensure a uniform and smooth finish on metal surfaces, ideal for office furniture, fixtures, and industrial machinery. This method provides an even coat with excellent adhesion, minimizing paint waste and environmental impact.

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Why Choose W.T. Kenney for Industrial Painting

When it comes to industrial painting, experience, and expertise matter. W.T. Kenney brings over 85 years of industry knowledge to every project, ensuring that we can meet the complex needs of our clients with precision and reliability.

At W.T. Kenney, we pride ourselves on the long-standing relationships we’ve built with our clients. Their satisfaction and the trust they place in us drive our continuous improvement and commitment to excellence. Our portfolio of successful projects and positive testimonials speaks volumes about our dedication to delivering quality services.

Choosing W.T. Kenney for industrial building services, particularly in the customer service section, offers clients access to experienced professionals and a dedicated Project Manager who provide tailored solutions and responsive communication, ensuring projects are completed efficiently and to the highest standards, fostering trust and satisfaction among customers.

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Ongoing Maintenance Services

Our ongoing maintenance services are pivotal in preserving the longevity and aesthetics of your industrial coatings. These services are essential for extending the life of your industrial paint applications, ensuring they continue to protect and enhance your facilities effectively. 

Scheduled assessments to identify any wear and tear or potential issues before they escalate.

Prompt touch-up services to address minor damages, ensuring coatings remain intact and protective.

Professional cleaning and, when necessary, recoating to maintain the coating’s integrity and appearance over time.

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Scheduling and Planning for Efficient Industrial Services

Painting large warehouse exteriors poses unique challenges, particularly when it comes to scheduling and planning around live loading bays. At W.T. Kenney, we understand the necessity of coordinating painting activities to minimize disruption to ongoing operations while ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment. Keeping this in mind, we ensure the following:

Custom Maintenance Plans

Understanding that each industrial facility has unique needs, W.T. Kenney offers customizable maintenance plans tailored to your specific requirements. These plans are designed to provide:

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