Photoluminescent Systems

Photoluminescent Paint and Marking Solutions

Photoluminescent (PL) technology harnesses the power of light-absorbing materials to illuminate spaces in the dark, offering a critical safety feature in low-light or emergency situations. W.T. Kenney services specialize in implementing and maintaining advanced photoluminescent solutions, ensuring optimal safety and visibility in a variety of environments. Our services provide expert consultation and installation of photoluminescent systems, as well as a dedicated Project Manager to ensure an excellent experience with our team.

Benefits of
Photoluminescent Systems

Photoluminescent systems represent cutting-edge safety solutions, utilizing light-absorbing materials to provide crucial illumination during low-light or emergency situations. In this context, understanding the benefits of photoluminescent systems is essential. Explore the key benefits of photoluminescent systems, emphasizing their importance in protecting lives and property:

Photoluminescent materials provide reliable illumination in low-light or blackout conditions, ensuring visibility of escape routes, exit signs, and safety equipment during emergencies.

Unlike traditional emergency lighting systems that rely on electricity or batteries, photoluminescent systems require no external power source, making them highly energy-efficient and cost-effective to operate.

Once installed, photoluminescent systems have minimal maintenance requirements, reducing ongoing operational costs and ensuring long-term reliability.

Photoluminescent materials can be applied to various surfaces with the use of coatings and/or tape for different environments and architectural features.

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Applications of Photoluminescent Systems

W.T. Kenney specializes in  photoluminescent services including the application of coatings and tape products. Discover the diverse methods of application that our expert team utilizes:

Photoluminescent coatings and tape significantly enhances the safety of leading edges such as steps and landings by illuminating these potential hazards in low-light conditions. This application is particularly beneficial in industrial and commercial environments, where maintaining clear visibility is crucial for preventing accidents. 

The application of photoluminescent systems for perimeter demarcation ensures that boundaries and pathways are visibly outlined, guiding individuals safely in environments like parking garages and warehouses. 

Using photoluminescent products to mark handrails in stairwells and egress paths lights up these essential safety features, making them easily identifiable and usable in case of an emergency.

Maximizing Safety with Photoluminescent Solutions

Photoluminescent paint and markings are essential for enhancing safety, particularly in emergencies. By offering highly visible escape routes and identifying hazards in low-light conditions, they significantly reduce the risk of accidents and injuries during power outages or crises. Incorporating photoluminescent technology into safety protocols demonstrates a proactive commitment to creating safer environments and ensuring occupants can navigate spaces safely when traditional lighting fails.

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W.T. Kenney is a trusted expert in applying photoluminescent systems, with a proven track record of success. Our extensive project portfolio showcases diverse applications of photoluminescent paint and tape in various settings, from historical buildings to modern commercial complexes, enhancing safety and compliance with the latest standards.

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Photoluminescent Systems (FAQs)

Photoluminescent paint is a type of coating that absorbs light and then glows in the dark. It’s used to enhance visibility in low-light conditions, particularly for safety applications like emergency exits and path markings.

The duration of the glow can vary depending on the quality of the product and the amount of light absorbed, but high-quality photoluminescent paint can glow for several hours after being exposed to light.

Yes, photoluminescent paint is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It’s durable and designed to withstand various weather conditions.

Photoluminescent paint adheres well to a variety of surfaces, including metal, wood, concrete, and plaster. Surface preparation may be required to ensure optimal adhesion and performance.

Photoluminescent tape is a type of adhesive tape that can absorb ambient light and then emit it in darkness. It contains materials that have the property of phosphorescence, which allows them to glow after being exposed to light.

Photoluminescent paint can be applied like regular paint, using brushes, rollers, or spray equipment. For best results, follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding application and drying times.

Photoluminescent tape is commonly used for safety purposes, such as marking pathways, exits, stairs, and obstacles in low-light or blackout conditions. It is also utilized in various industries for signage, labeling, and emergency egress systems.

Maintenance is minimal. Keeping the painted surface clean will ensure maximum light absorption and glow performance. Regular cleaning with mild detergent and water is recommended.

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