Our Team

Shane Dunn

Project Manager

Shane joined our family in 2019.

Shane has been in the painting industry for over 25 years. During that time, he’s gained experience in industrial, commercial, residential, and high-end residential painting. He’s also done his share of faux finishes and staining. Since his time as a painter, Shane has focused the last 10 years on managing the crews on all types of jobs. He’s paid close attention to the industry he loves, learning anything he could from people in the know. He’s also constantly improving on his management skills by attending leadership and management seminars to help him lead and communicate effectively with the many different personalities you encounter on job sites. His motto is “Never stop learning!”

Shane currently works as a Project Manager managing and worked my way up to management by working hard, paying close attention to the industry that surrounded me, and learning anything I could from people that knew more than I did. I’ve also attended many leadership seminars which helped me to understand there are different ways to lead and communicate with the many different personalities you encounter on a daily basis. Never stop learning!!!!

Shane is married and has one son.

What you may not know about Shane is that he’s been a professional musician since his early 20’s. Shane is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist with 3 albums to date, and did a good amount of traveling for gigs before having his son.