Revolutionizing Your Space: Latest Trends in Commercial Building Painting

As you prepare for the next year of work, it’s time to start thinking about change. Revitalizing your work environment can boost employee morale and, in turn, boost productivity. However, this is also a time when most small businesses are looking for ways to cut costs, not take on new ones.

Commercial building painting is an affordable upgrade that can make an impressive difference. The question is, what colors and designs should you use for the best results?

We’re here to share some of the latest trends to consider when painting your building, inside and out. Read on for our guide to the trends in commercial building painting you won’t want to miss in 2024.

Commercial Color Psychology

Commercial color psychology plays a pivotal role in influencing consumer behavior and shaping brand perceptions. Colors evoke specific emotions and associations, impacting purchasing decisions. For instance, red conveys urgency and excitement, often used in clearance sales, while blue exudes trust and reliability, commonly seen in tech brands.

Brands strategically choose colors to align with their identity and target audience preferences. Subtle nuances in shades can evoke cultural or psychological responses. Understanding color psychology enables businesses to create visually appealing branding materials, packaging, and retail spaces that resonate with consumers on a subconscious level, ultimately influencing their perceptions and choices.

Updated Neutrals

For decades, commercial property managers and business owners have heard about the importance of a neutral color scheme. It’s unsurprising that so many offices are white or beige from floor to ceiling. While these light neutrals can maximize natural lighting and eliminate distractions, they can also give your office a stuffy or dated feel.

In 2024, neutrals will fall more under the category of earth tones. This includes shades of gray and brown as well as muted shades of blue, green, and yellow. These updated neutrals still create a clean backdrop for your commercial space while adding a more professional, modern, and dramatic flair.

Color Zoning

An estimated 70% of commercial buildings have some level of open floor construction. While this craze swept the nation in the 2010s, many employees have expressed frustration with the lack of division in the past few years. While remodeling an open floor plan office can cost tens of thousands of dollars, something as simple as color zoning can delineate space for a fraction of the price.

As the name suggests, color zoning is the use of color to create designated zones in an open space. For example, you might use dark, soothing tones in areas where employees have their own desks and do individual work. In contrast, you can use bright, energetic colors in areas where group work and meetings are conducted.

Color Blocking

While color blocking may sound similar to color zoning, it’s a much different use of color. Color blocking uses two or more contrasting colors throughout an entire space. When done properly, it can create the illusion of higher ceilings and more room to get work done.

Modern painting trends for commercial buildings tend to incorporate bold colors you may have steered clear of in the past. For example, black is an increasingly popular choice in offices, coffee shops, and other commercial spaces. To prevent black paint from overtaking your space, try color blocking with white or another light, inviting color.

Murals and Accent Walls

What if your walls and interior paint are still in good condition but you want to make a striking upgrade? Murals and accent walls are a great way to draw the eye and add personality to a commercial space without committing to a full makeover.

When it comes to adding artistic flair to your commercial interior, you have a few different options. One is to use a wall covering with the design or pattern of your choosing. Wall coverings come with the added bonus of quick installation, easy removal, and extra protection for your walls.

Branded Painting

Branding is an important element of establishing your business and standing out from competitors. When we think about branding, we often think about marketing materials like logos, print ads, and websites. In 2024, it’s time to embrace experiential branding by bringing your brand to life wherever your business is represented, including your commercial space.

As you consider painting your building, both inside and out, think about the color scheme you use in your branding materials. If you happen to use bright primary colors, consider bringing them into your commercial space through accent walls and color blocking. If you use muted or earth tones, you can use them to cover large walls without worrying about visual overwhelm.

Exterior Restoration

Keeping up with your property over time is the best way to protect its value. Maintenance patching is one of the many ways that you can address issues as they arise. Using paint to restore your building to its former glory is another.

Arlington, MA is home to beautifully repurposed historic architecture. Our commercial properties embody colonial, Georgian, and Gothic revival styles, amongst others. Trying to modernize these buildings with facades or contemporary color schemes doesn’t always produce desirable effects.

Instead, partner with a company with experience in Arlington property restoration. At WTK, we know how to work with the materials used in Arlington architecture. Together, we can give your property’s exterior the restorative touch it deserves.

Call WTK for Commercial Building Painting

Does your commercial property need an upgrade? Chances are, you can skip the expensive remodel. Instead, consider the latest trends in commercial building painting.

W.T. Kenny Co. is one of Arlington, MA’s oldest professional painting companies. We combine timeless choices with contemporary trends to keep commercial buildings looking their best year after year. From patching and drywall repairs to painting and staining, WTK can help.

Are you ready to learn more about our commercial painting services? Contact us and let us know about your upcoming project so we can get started right away.

Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Building Painting

1. What benefits does commercial building painting offer?

Commercial building painting is not just about aesthetics; it revitalizes your workspace, potentially increasing employee morale and productivity. An updated paint job can also reflect your brand’s identity and professionalism, making a positive impression on clients and visitors.

2. How do I select the right colors for commercial building painting?

Choosing the right colors involves understanding commercial color psychology. Colors like reds and yellows can energize employees, while blues and purples may promote a calm, professional atmosphere. For a modern and professional look, consider updated neutrals like earth tones.

3. What is color zoning, and how can it benefit my commercial space?

Color zoning utilizes color to create designated areas within an open space, enhancing functionality and visual appeal. It’s an affordable strategy to delineate different work areas, aiding in better space utilization and employee satisfaction.

4. Can color blocking be applied to any commercial space?

Yes, color blocking, which involves using contrasting colors, can be applied to various commercial spaces to create visual interest and the illusion of more space. It’s especially effective in modernizing spaces and can incorporate your brand colors for a cohesive look.

5. How do murals and accent walls contribute to the commercial space’s atmosphere?

Murals and accent walls add a unique, personalized touch to your commercial space, allowing you to incorporate branding elements or simply add visual interest. They can make a statement and create a memorable environment for employees and customers alike.

6. Why is branding important in commercial building painting?

Incorporating your brand’s color scheme into your commercial space’s painting strategy enhances brand recognition and creates a cohesive visual experience. It brings your brand to life in the physical space, reinforcing your identity and values.

7. What should I consider for the exterior painting of historic commercial buildings?

For historic buildings, it’s crucial to work with a painting company experienced in restoration. The goal is to respect the architectural integrity while ensuring the exterior is well-maintained and visually appealing. Choose colors and techniques that complement the building’s historical character.

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